Yorkshire Cycling 2014

Download the Yorkshire Cycling 2014 app and pump up your tyres!

The world’s biggest cycle race is coming to the UK so lets get involved. Why not get on your bike and ride the stages? Or visit the area and watch the professionals when they come. Just be part of it and have some fun!
The T14-app has everything you need to plan your trip – maps of the 2 Yorkshire stages with GPS to keep you on track! There’s a local directory, which has everything a cyclist will need, from where to stay, eat, drink or get your tyres repaired! Its not just for the lycra clad athletes, why not bring the family and have some fun?

The T14-app is perfect for planning and organising your trip, you can even save money with exclusive T14-app discounts at many places.
So download it today!

Yorkshire Cycling 2014 app storegoogle-play-android

The Yorkshire Cycling 2014 App is in not an official Tour De France app and is not affiliated to either Le Tour Yorkshire or Le Tour De France in any way.



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